Web Application - E-Commerce

E-Commerce enabled web sites, unlike brochure websites, feature on-line trading and are much more effective as they allow the customer to interact with the business web site, and purchase their products.

Enhance integrates an online storefront for you, from:

Developing simple search pages
Designing cost effective e-commerce solutions
Online database of your products or catalogue

There are two main types of e-commerce sites, each has a different focus:

B2B (Business to Business)

Ability to offer your products or services on-line
Provides a searchable database of these products and services.
Enables your customers to interact with your business on a detailed level.

B2C (Business to Consumer)

Ability to take orders and receive payments through an electronic front.
Enables your business or organisation to reach many more customers over the world wide web
Reaches potential markets that were once outside the traditional boundaries of your business.

Enhance offers a range of solutions in this area:

Purpose Built Solution
Off the Shelf Solution
Stand Alone Shopping Cart

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